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Senior Leadership Team

Mr S DooleyPrincipal[email protected] 
Mr D Girven
Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care
[email protected]
Mr W Swann
Deputy Principal - DRS
[email protected]
Mr P Cowie
Deputy Principal -  Academics
[email protected]
Mrs M De SouzaAssistant Principal - Human Resources[email protected] 
Mr A Swanink
Assistant Principal - Assessment and Reporting
[email protected]

Head of Departments

Mr B ChoromanskiSocial Sciences[email protected] 
Mr P HoulahanEnglish[email protected] 
Mr S KnowlesMathematics[email protected]
Mrs L PascariuMusic[email protected] 
Mr D MorathPhysical Education & Health[email protected] 
Mrs R McGregorReligious Studies[email protected] 
Ms K JomScience[email protected] 
Mr M NgaeiDirector of International Students[email protected] 
Mr P NybergTechnology / Digital Technology[email protected] 
Mr P ManuVisual Art[email protected] 
Mr T WorthMaori Achievement & Success[email protected] 

Deans - Pastoral Team

Mr C Forster
Year 13[email protected]
Dr JD Van Paauwe
Year 12[email protected]
Mr R LordYear 11[email protected] 
Mr C WebsterYear 10[email protected] 
Ms H Mather
Year 9[email protected]
Ms E TufalaYear 8[email protected]
Ms P AndrewsYear 7[email protected] 
Mrs S DaltonSenior Dean Support[email protected] 
Ms G McQuaidJunior Dean Support[email protected] 
Ms A DobranisCounsellor[email protected] 
Mrs K BateyCounsellor[email protected] 
Mr J AuimatagiSchool Nurse[email protected] 

Teaching Staff

Ms P AndrewsY7 Dean, Social Studies[email protected] 
Mr S BakerSports Co-ordinator / Physical Education[email protected] 
Mr K BiggarEconomics & Mathematics[email protected] 
Mr G BohteY7, Te Reo, Science & Physical Education[email protected] 
Mr B ChoromanskiAccounting[email protected] 
Mr P CowieDirector of Curriculum[email protected] 
Mrs S DaltonEnglish, Religious Studies, Learning Support Yrs 10-13[email protected] 
Mrs M De SouzaReligious Studies
[email protected] 
Mr C ForsterYr 13 Dean, Technology[email protected] 
Mr S FotuMathematics[email protected] 
Mr H HickeyEnglish, Media Studies, Religious Studies, Careers Advisor[email protected] 
Mr G HlahlaChemistry, Science[email protected] 
Mr P HoulahanEnglish[email protected] 
Mr T HughesPhysical Education & Health[email protected] 
Mr E JacobsReligious Studies [email protected] 
Mrs K JomPhysics, Science[email protected] 
Ms K JoosteVisual Art, Social Studies[email protected] 
Mrs F KhanBiology, Science[email protected] 
Mr S KnowlesMathematics[email protected] 
Mr A LaingEnglish, History, Social Studies[email protected] 
Mrs J LaingChemistry, Science[email protected] 
Mr J LeifiVisual Arts & Design, Health[email protected] 
Mr R LordYr 11 Dean, Physical Education[email protected] 
Mr P ManuVisual Art, Photography[email protected] 
Dr P MasilamaniEconomics[email protected] 
Mrs H MatherYr 9 Dean, English[email protected] 
Mrs R McGregorReligious Studies
[email protected] 
Ms G McQuaidBiology & Science[email protected] 
Mr K MillerEnglish, Digital Technology[email protected] 
Mr D MorathPhysical Education & Health, Sports Science[email protected] 
Mr J MutiziraTechnology[email protected] 
Mr P NybergDigital Technology[email protected] 
Mrs L PascariuMusic[email protected] 
Mrs C PaulReligious Studies
[email protected] 
Mr R PetersonHistory, Social Studies, Religious Studies[email protected] 
Mrs S ShaikhMathematics[email protected] 
Ms H SharpSocial Studies, English[email protected] 
Mrs J SueltoMathematics, Learning Support Coordinator Yrs 7-9
[email protected] 
Mr A SwaninkCalculus[email protected] 
Mr W SwannReligious Studies
[email protected] 
MrsT ToddJapanese[email protected] 
Ms E TufalaEnglish[email protected] 
Mr T WorthEnglish[email protected] 
Mr G UrquhartEnglish, Mathematics[email protected] 
Dr JD Van PaauweYr 12 Dean, Physics, Science[email protected] 
Mr C WebsterEnglish[email protected] 

Support Staff

Mrs LAllanson-EvansLibrarian [email protected] 
Mrs RBezuidenhoutStudent Database & SLT Project Admin[email protected] 
Mr SCarterCaretaker
MrsCampbellDirector of Finance [email protected] 
Mrs MCoetseeTeacher Aide[email protected] 
Mr BCrossWorkshop Technician[email protected] 
Mrs CDixonStudent Services & Deans Admin[email protected] 
Mrs ADobranisGuidance Counsellor
[email protected] 
Mr IMcLaughlanAdmin Support[email protected] 
Mrs KMillerAccounts (Fees)[email protected] 
Mrs LNathanReceptionist & Office Admin[email protected] 
Mrs APruijnLaboratory Technician[email protected]
Ms NPackerPrincipal's Executive Assistant[email protected] 
Mrs S Ravlich
Teacher Aide[email protected] 
Mrs ARossAccounts (Payable)[email protected] 
Mrs SRossTuckshop Manager[email protected] 
Mrs SRyanAdmin Support[email protected] 
Mr DTurnockProperty Manager[email protected] 

Liberating Education

Gospel Spirituality

Inclusive Community

Justice & Solidarity