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Senior Leadership Team

Mr C Rooney Principal[email protected] 
Mr P Houghton Deputy Principal[email protected]
Mrs M De SouzaDirector of Human Resources[email protected]
Mr R McKentyDirector of Pastoral Care[email protected]
Mr A SwaninkDirector of Assessment and Reporting[email protected]
Mr P CowieDirector of Curriculum & Pedagogy[email protected]

Head of Departments

Mr B ChoromanskiCommerce[email protected]
Mr A LeathemDrama[email protected]
Mr P HoulahanEnglish[email protected]
Mr R PetersonHumanities[email protected]
Mr P HoughtonInternational Students[email protected]
Ms K TakedaJapanese[email protected]
Mr K RobertsMathematics[email protected]
Ms L ReeveMusic[email protected]
Mr D MorathPhysical Education[email protected]
Mrs R McGregorReligious Studies[email protected]
Ms K JomScience[email protected]
Mr P NybergTechnology / Digital Technology[email protected]
Mrs L CrombieVisual Art[email protected]


Mr A LeathemYear 13[email protected]
Mr R LordYear 12[email protected]
Mr J FilipoYear 11[email protected]
Mrs S DaltonYear 10[email protected]
Mr J DevereauxYear 9[email protected]
Ms J SueltoYear 8[email protected]
Mr D GirvenYear 7[email protected]

Teaching Staff

Ms PAndrewsEnglish[email protected]
Ms KBanksClassical Studies, Art History, Social Studies[email protected]
Mr GBohte Te Reo and Science[email protected]
Mr JCCajitaDigital Technology[email protected]
Miss DChisholmVisual Arts[email protected]
Mr BChoromanskiHOD Commerce[email protected]
Mr GCopeGuidance Counsellor[email protected]
Mr PCowieDirector of Curriculum & Pedagogy[email protected]
Mrs LCrombieVisual Art[email protected]
Mrs SDaltonEnglish[email protected]
Mrs MDe SouzaDirector of Human Resources[email protected]
Mr JDevereauxGeography and Social Studies[email protected]
Mr JFilipoEnglish[email protected]
Mr CForsterTechnology[email protected]
Mr SFotuMathematics[email protected]
Mr DGirvenDean Year 7 | SENCO / GATE[email protected] 
Mr GHlahlaChemistry, Science[email protected]
Mr HHickeyReligious Studies, English, ESOL[email protected]
Mr PHoughton Deputy Principal / International[email protected]
Mr PHoulahanHOD English[email protected]
Mr THughesPhysical Education[email protected]
Mr MJacksonMaths [email protected]
Ms KJomHOD Science[email protected]
Ms FKhanScience, Biology[email protected]
Mrs AKumaranMathematics[email protected]
Mrs JLaingScience[email protected]
Mrs ALeathemTIC Drama[email protected]
Mr RLordPhysical Education[email protected]
Mrs PMasilamaniEconomics[email protected]
Mrs HMatherAsst to HOD English[email protected]
Mrs RMcGregorHOD Religious Studies[email protected]
Mr RMcKentyDirector of Pastoral Care[email protected]
Mrs NMcPhersonReligious Studies[email protected]
Mr DMorathHOD Physical Education[email protected]
Mr JMutiziraTechnology[email protected]
Mr PNybergHOD Technology[email protected]
Mr BO’KeeffeChemistry & Science[email protected]
Mrs CPaulReligious Studies[email protected]
Mr RPetersonHOD Humanities [email protected]
Mr APrakashBiology & Science[email protected]
Ms LReeveHOD Music[email protected]
Mr KRobertsHOD Mathematics[email protected]
Mr CRooneyPrincipal[email protected]
Mr BRoweESOL [email protected]
Ms HSharpYear 7[email protected]
Mrs SShepheardCareers Advisor[email protected]
Ms JSueltoYear 7[email protected]
Mr ASwaninkDirector of Assessment and Reporting[email protected]
Mr WSwannDirector Of Missions and Special Character[email protected]
Ms KTakedaTIC Japanese[email protected]
Ms MVercoeVisual Art, Photography[email protected]
Mr TWorthCo ordinator for Maori Achievement and Success[email protected]

Support Staff

Mrs LAllanson-EvansLibrarian [email protected]
Mrs RArdernTeacher Aide[email protected]
Mrs DBennettPrincipal’s PA[email protected]
Mrs MCoetseeTeacher Aide[email protected]
Mrs PColyer Accounts Fees [email protected]
Mr BCrossWorkshop Technician[email protected] 
Mrs CDixonAttendance Staff Support[email protected]
Mrs ADobranisAdmin Support[email protected]
Mr JFricker Groundsman[email protected]
Ms MHudsonDirector of Advancement[email protected]
Mr WMacPhersonFinancial Support Administrator[email protected]
Mr IMcLaughlanFootball & Water Polo Coordinator[email protected]
Mrs SMcNeilAdmin and Office Support [email protected]
Mrs LNathanReceptionist [email protected]
Mrs APruijnLaboratory Technician[email protected]
Mrs SRossTuckshop Manager[email protected]
Mrs SRyanGateway- Support[email protected]
Mrs AWatsonAccounts - Payable 
Mr SWiggProperty Manager[email protected]

Liberating Education

Gospel Spirituality

Inclusive Community

Justice & Solidarity