Senior Leadership Team

Mr C Rooney  Principal [email protected] 
Mr P Houghton  Deputy Principal [email protected]
Mrs M De Souza Director of Human Resources [email protected]
Mr R McKenty Director of Pastoral Care [email protected]
Mr A Swanink Director of Assessment and Reporting [email protected]
Mr P Cowie Director of Curriculum & Pedagogy [email protected]

Head of Departments

Mr B Choromanski Commerce [email protected]
Mr P Houghton Digital Technology [email protected]
Mr B Bergin Director Religious Studies [email protected]
Mr A Leathem Drama [email protected]
Mr P Houlahan English [email protected]
Mr B Fagg Graphics & Technology [email protected]
Mr R Peterson Humanities [email protected]
Mr H Hickey International Students [email protected]
Ms K Takeda Japanese [email protected]
Mr K Roberts Mathematics [email protected]
Ms L Reeve Music [email protected]
Mr D Morath Physical Education [email protected]
Mrs R McGregor Religious Studies [email protected]
Ms K Jom Science [email protected]
Mrs L Crombie Visual Art [email protected]


Mr A Leathem Year 13 [email protected]
Mr W Swann Year 12 [email protected]
Mr R Lord Year 11 [email protected]
Mr J Filipo Year 10 [email protected]
Mrs S Dalton Year 9 [email protected]
Mr D Girven Year 7 & 8 [email protected]

Teaching Staff

Ms P Andrews English [email protected]
Ms J Atabelo Religious Studies   jeanette.atabelo[email protected]
Mr B Bergin Director of Religious Education [email protected]
Mr G Bohte  Te Reo and Science [email protected]
Ms A Boland Classical Studies, Art History [email protected]
Mr JC Cajita Digital Technology [email protected]
Mr B Choromanski HOD Commerce [email protected]
MR G Cope Guidance Counsellor [email protected]
Mr P Cowie Director of Curriculum & Pedagogy [email protected]
Mrs L Crombie Visual Art [email protected]
Mrs S Dalton English [email protected]
Mrs M De Souza Director of Human Resources [email protected]
Mr J Devereaux Geography and Social Studies [email protected]
Mr C Dickison Physical Education [email protected]
Mr B Fagg HOD Graphics & Technology [email protected]
Mr J Filipo English [email protected]
Mr C Forster Technology [email protected]
Mr S Fotu Mathematics [email protected]
Mr D Girven Dean Year 7 & 8 | SENCO / GATE [email protected] 
Mr H Hickey Director of International Students [email protected]
Mr P Houghton  Deputy Principal [email protected]
Mr P Houlahan HOD English [email protected]
Ms K Jom HOD Science [email protected]
Miss B Judeel Science [email protected]
Ms F Khan Social Studies, Biology [email protected]
Mrs N Kirkflexton Visual Art [email protected]
Mrs A Kumaran Mathematics [email protected]
Mr R Kumar Asst to HOD Mathematics [email protected]
Mrs J Laing Science [email protected]
Mrs A Leathem TIC Drama [email protected]
Mr R Lord Physical Education [email protected]
Mrs P Masilamani Economics [email protected]
Mrs H Mather Asst to HOD English [email protected]
Mr T Mathison Religious Studies [email protected]
Mrs R McGregor HOD Religious Studies [email protected]
Mr R McKenty Director of Pastoral Care [email protected]
Mr D Morath HOD Physical Education [email protected]
Mr J Mutizira Technology [email protected]
Mr B O’Keeffe Chemistry & Science [email protected]
Mr R Peterson HOD Humanities  [email protected]
Mr A Prakash Biology & Science [email protected]
Mrs M Rasmussen Social Studies, English [email protected]
Mr K Roberts HOD Mathematics [email protected]
Mr C Rooney Principal [email protected]
Mr B Rowe ESOL / English [email protected]
Ms H Sharp Year 7 [email protected]
Mrs S Shepheard Careers Advisor [email protected]
Ms J Suelto Year 7 [email protected]
Mr A Swanink Director of Assessment and Reporting [email protected]
Mr W Swann Religious Studies [email protected]
Ms K Takeda TIC Japanese [email protected]
Ms M Vercoe Visual Art, Photography [email protected]
Mr T Worth Co ordinator for Maori Achievement and Success [email protected]

Support Staff

Mrs L Allanson-Evans Librarian  [email protected]
Mrs D Bennett Principal’s PA [email protected]
Mrs M Coetsee Teacher Aide marie[email protected]
Mrs P Colyer  Accounts Fees  [email protected]
Mr B Cross Workshop Technician [email protected] 
Mrs C Dixon Attendance Staff Support [email protected]
Mrs A Dobranis Admin Support [email protected]
Mr S Hopkins  Property Manager [email protected] 
Mrs K Hutchins  Teacher Aide [email protected]
Mr W MacPherson Financial Support Administrator [email protected]
Mr I McLaughlan Football & Water Polo Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs S McNeil Admin and Office Support  [email protected]
Mrs L Nathan Receptionist  [email protected]
Mrs A Pruijn Laboratory Technician [email protected]
Mrs S Ross Tuckshop Manager [email protected]
Mrs S Ryan Gateway- Support [email protected]
Mrs A Watson Accounts - Payable  

Liberating Education

Gospel Spirituality

Inclusive Community

Justice & Solidarity