Students are able to bring a mobile device (this must meet the minimum specifications—see below) to support their learning in the classroom. These will have access to the internet and the school online environment via the Liston College wireless network.

We see this as a step forward in making more extensive use of digital technologies and as an important way to improve teaching and learning at Liston College.

Information you will need to be aware of:

Minimum Device Specifications

  • A portable device – Laptop Computer running Windows (PC’s) or MacOS (Mac’s).
  • Wireless network capability.
  • Minimum of 6 hours of use from one battery charge.
  • Capable of playing both sound and video.
  • Have a web cam installed.
  • Have at least 8GB of RAM and at least a 500GB hard drive or 128GB (256 GB recommended) SSD.
  • A suitable protective bag to carry the device.

Notes on the Liston College BYOD

  1. All students will have access to the web based version of Office 365.
  2. All students will have secure access to the College wireless network. Access is monitored and delivered via the school’s enterprise firewall and content filter.
  3. All students will adhere to the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. Students bringing their device are ultimately responsible for that device on the way to and from school and while at school. We do recommend having any device covered by the family’s contents insurance policy. Liston College is not liable for any damage or loss to a student device.
  5. The above specifications will be suitable for students in Years 7 – 13. Be aware that some software used in our courses is Windows only.

The classes that will be using BYOD devices will be taught in a way that makes full use of the potential that a digital device such as a tablet or laptop provides for enhanced levels of personalisation, participation and productivity.

Combined with effective teaching and if used responsibly by the students, these technologies can help them to pursue their own areas of research and interests in the areas being studied and beyond. 

 They will enable greater collaboration with their teachers and fellow students and allow them to express themselves and their ideas even more effectively.



A device can be sourced from any supplier, as long as the device meets the specifications given. You are able to purchase a computer through the College. Please contact Mrs Philippa Colyer for terms and conditions.


 If you require further information then please feel free to e-mail Mr Swanink.

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