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Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are to be submitted using the ONLINE ENROLMENT FORM.

What is the criteria for acceptance to Liston College? Liston College welcomes applications from students whose families are supportive of the College’s special character.  Liston is proud of its diverse community. The College ensures it retains this diversity by accepting a range of boys from different backgrounds. Whilst the major criteria is preference, it is but one of the many criteria that is looked at during the Enrolment process. Liston also place huge emphasis on family, and their contribution and commitment to our community.

We are a Catholic family so we would expect to be accepted to Liston College?
The growth in West Auckland has meant that in recent years demand for places at Liston College has exceeded places available. Unfortunately, each year we may have to disappoint a number of Catholic families.

I am Non-Catholic, can I apply?
Non-preference boys are welcome to apply. The preference requirements are outlined in the Enrolment Forms and priority is given to those from a preference background.

Is there a zone?
Liston College does not have an enrolment zone. We have a tradition of providing a Catholic Education to boys from across Auckland.

Is there boarding accommodation or a hostel?
Liston College does not have boarding accommodation or a hostel.

Does Liston College have feeder primary schools?
Parents of Year 6 boys from St Paul’s Primary and Holy Cross School will be sent enrolment details.  At Year 7 preferential enrolment is given to Catholic pupils wishing to enter from Catholic Primary Schools. 

I wish to enrol for Year 7 & 8 only?
Liston College is a Year 7-13 school.  The College places great emphasis on family and their commitment to our community. The expectation is that all boys will continue through to Year 13. Parents should be aware of this expectation at the time of their application for enrolment.

Will my Year 6 son be interviewed?
Year 6 boys going into Year 7 will be interviewed by the Principal or Senior Leader. We ask that both parents are present at the interview.

When will I be notified if I have been accepted?
Our process will conclude mid term 3.  Letters will be posted to families then.

Can I come and have a look around the school?
We are happy to arrange a tour of the school. Please phone Deirdre on 09 8392291 for a date and time.

How many boys are accepted?
In 2023 Liston College will accept approximately 120 boys to begin Year 7 in 2024. A handful of boys may be accepted at Year 9 each year, whilst other levels are dependent on vacancies that arise.

Is there an academic test?
There is no entrance test as part of the Enrolment process.  There will be an Orientation Day for new Year 7 students in November.

What is the Timeline of the 2024 Enrolment Process?

  1. Online applications open 1 January 2023 and close at 4pm on Friday 31 May 2023.*
  2. Interviews will take place through Term 2 and 3 2023.
  3. Families will be notified of the outcome of their application by the end of Term 3.

* Late enrolments will be placed on a wait list and contacted if space is available.

Applications are to be submitted using the ONLINE ENROLMENT FORM. Please contact the school office if you require assistance with this.  09 838 9350

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