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Options – Yr 11 - 13

Level 1 NCEA Level 2 NCEA Level 3 NCEA  
Religious Studies Religious Studies Religious Studies
English English English
(Maybe replaced by an Applied Mathematics / or Numeracy course)
Statistics Calculus Statistics Calculus
Art Visual Art (Painting / Sculpture / Design) Visual Art (Painting / Sculpture / Design)  
  Photography Photography  
Drama Drama Drama  
Digital Technology Digital Technology Digital Technology  
Accounting Accounting Accounting  
Economics Economics Economics  
  Management Studies** (Two year Programme)  
Design and Visual Communication (DVC) Design and Visual Communication (DVC) Design and Visual Communication (DVC)  
Technology Technology (in conjunction with DVC) Technology (in conjunction with DVC)
Building and Construction (BCO)** (Two year programme)    
  Metal Technology** (Two year programme)  
General Science Biology Biology  
Practical Science (Chemistry & Physics) Chemistry Chemistry  
  Physics Physics  
Geography Geography Geography  
History History History  
  History of Art History of Art  
Japanese Japanese Japanese  
Music Music Music  
Sports Science Sports Science Sports Science
Phys Ed ** Sports Leadership**  
    Adventure Tourism**
  General Studies** General Studies**
**  Unit Standards offered Level 3 Subject not eligible for University Entrance
= Compulsory Core


  • Courses are offered subject to staffing and student numbers
  • Multi-level study is available at Levels 1 – 3 NCEA
  • ESOL classes are for approved students only
  • Correspondence courses are by approval of the Principal

Liberating Education

Gospel Spirituality

Inclusive Community

Justice & Solidarity