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Gifted & Talented / Special Needs

"Gifted and Talented" students at Liston College are defined as those who exhibit qualities, abilities and/or exceptional potential, significantly beyond that typically seen in students of the same age.  These qualities and abilities can be seen in, but are not limited to, the following domains: 

  • Athletic
  • Cultural
  • intellectual
  • Personal/Social/Leadership
  • Technological
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Visual and Performing Arts

As a multicultural Catholic school, we also acknowledge the special abilities that Liston students may have within the cultural and spiritual domains of the Catholic faith.

We recognise that some students may be Twice Exceptional (2E) which means that they may have gifts beyond their peers in conjunction with a learning challenge or need.

Gifted and Talented Students may require differentiated programmes and/or support services (such as social and emotional support) in order to realise their contribution to self and society. Gifted and Talented students will work closely with our dedicated coordinator and an Individual learning plan (known as a ILP) will be set up for each student who is identified as “Gifted’ or “Talented” at Liston College.

Our Learning Support Co-ordinator for Years 7-9 is Ms Gemma McQuaid and Mrs Stephanie Dalton for Years 10-13.

Download: Liston Gifted & Talented Opportunities available.

Students with Special Needs will be supported by our Learning Support Co-ordinators (also known as SENCO). Our LSCs will be working on site with students who have identified special needs and they will ensure that the appropriate up-to-date information is shared teachers and deans. This will be done by meeting with parents and teachers as well maintaining a register of each student’s learning needs. They will also be responsible for liaising with RTLBs (Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour). RTLBs are funded to work with students, their teachers and the LSCs in order to establish an individual learning plan for students with particular or special learning needs. To find out more information on the role of RTLBs in schools please click here.

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