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Religious Education

Education with a Special Character

As a Catholic school we have an obligation to provide an education with a Catholic Character in all dimensions of our school life, with each learning area taught from a Catholic perspective.

Liston College provides a faith and Special Character environment, within which our young people will experience Catholic life. Our students will have the opportunity to experience and live out their faith through participation in prayer, the liturgy, sacraments, community life and service. We ensure that the religious observances are part of the life of the College so that our students will experience the sacramental celebrations and rituals which are part of the life of the Catholic Church.


Outline of the themes in Liston College’s Religious Education Programme:

Along with the themes, each year group has a Value that they focus on for the year. We pray that the Liston man will develop, encompass and live out all the values in his seven years at Liston College. 

Year 7 - Jesus my Friend  - Year 7 School Value - Respect 
Students will develop an understanding of how others have been inspired by Jesus’ actions to live a life of devotion to God and how they then may become role models for others today.

Year 8 - Journey -Year 8 School Value - Faith 
Students will understand that life is a journey through the Church’s year, through the sacraments, through the stories of Jesus and through faith.

Year 9 – Mana - Year 9 School Value - Compassion
Students discover the opportunities to develop their mana as unique persons created in God’s image with the potential to develop their goodness through the Church and through our local history.

Year 10 - Context - Year 10 School Value - Stewardship 
Students will deepen their understanding of the evolution of Christian faith from the early Church through the Middle Ages to today where they form their conscience based on faith.  

Year 11 - Challenges - Year 11 School Value - Humility 
Students will learn the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to understand the Christian perspective that human life in all of its dimensions possesses its’ own innate dignity.

Year 12 - Widening Horizons - Year 12 School Value - Integrity 
Students will use their abilities to understand and explore the nature and function of religion in today’s society.

Year 13 - On the Threshold - Year 13 School Value - Social Justice 
Students will develop a critical awareness of current religious issues and understand how they affect our world.

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