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For many years, Liston College has welcomed international students as a valued part of the School’s community. We welcome your application to study at Liston College as an international student. Representing a wide range of nationalities, our international students are just under 4 percent of the School's annual roll.

We are proud to be able to offer a first-class education at one of New Zealand's leading academic secondary schools, and make every effort to ensure the transition to life in New Zealand is as enjoyable and easy as possible. This starts with an orientation programme on arrival, to introduce the School, its heritage and culture.

International students may enroll from Year 7 to Year 13 and the International Department offers the utmost support in assisting students attain individual academic success, encouraging participation in co-curricular activities, and ensuring a happy and settled homestay relationship with their residential carers.

Steps for applying for Admission:

  1. Completion of the International Student Application Form and submission of required documents
  2. Tuition agreement and Homestay contract to be returned and signed
  3. Offer of Place received from School (if application is successful) along with invoice to be sent to agent or parent for payment
  4. Tuition and homestay fees on invoice is paid to the School to confirm the Offer
  5. Fees Receipt and Confirmation Offer of Place received from School
  6. Online application for New Zealand student visa submitted to Immigration New Zealand in country of origin.
  7. Medical and Travel insurance to be bought by the school
  8. If the student is transferring from another school in New Zealand, a Letter of Release will be required, as well as a Reference Letter from the Dean.

International Students are selected based on:

  • Academic Record: previous school reports
  • English Proficiency: writing and verbal skills
  • Character References
  • Student Interview: communication and comprehension skills
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Spaces available in the year level applied for
  • Subject and/or English mini-exams may be administered for senior level entry


Offer of Place

If the applicant is successful, Liston College will make an 'Offer of Place' to the student. The Offer includes the student's year level, the start and end date of enrolment period, the International Student Tuition Agreement and other relevant school policies.

NOTE: Enrolment into courses depends on a number of factors, including confirmation of prior learning, ability in chosen subjects, and at least an intermediate level of English. This will be assessed on arrival as part of our orientation programme, which includes class placement testing.

Students without the prerequisite level of English on arrival will be referred to the ESOL programme either Emerging/ Beginners or Intermediate. This programme will be part of their mainstream timetable until the required English level is reached to be successful in their mainstream subjects.

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