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Where can you stay?

Where can you stay when attending Liston College?

1. Homestays

We understand that creating a home away from home is essential for students to do well academically and to enjoy their time in New Zealand. Our International students are placed in kiwi homes with caring families Homestay Collagewho are eager to ensure their stay in New Zealand is safe, supported and rewarding.

All International Students enrolled at Liston College are required to be in homestay accommodation organised by College Homestays or in a homestay approved by the College (with his parents or a responsible adult relative or family member (not an agent) nominated in writing by the students’ parents).

Our homestay staff (Tanya and Ally) are responsible for organising and monitoring homestay arrangements as well as ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students placed in Liston College homestays.

The benefits of a College organised homestay:

  • accommodation in high quality, executive style homes, close to school or transport links
  • all homestays will have been through a thorough checking procedure
  • an opportunity to be part of a kiwi family and family life when away from home
  • live in a safe, clean and welcoming environment, a great place for students to come home to at the end of each day
  • guidance and support is available to students outside school time by “kiwi parents”
  • a great opportunity for students to learn something of the New Zealand way of life
  • helps to improve student’s English speaking and listening skills in a home environment
  • includes all meals, washing of clothes, heating and internet (for homework use only – further use decided between the student and the family)
  • students’ have their own room unless specifically asked for otherwise. 
  • airport pick-up on your arrival in New Zealand for the first time
  • students are encouraged to set and maintain reasonable standards of behaviour and study – these can be monitored by “Kiwi Parents”.
  • regular meetings between our homestay co-ordinators and the student to make sure everything is okay
  • students will have a dedicated homestay staff member, on call 24 hours a day

Who are our Homestay Co-ordinators?Tanya And Ally

Either Tanya and Ally will meet you at the airport when you arrive in New Zealand for the first time. They will then take you to your homestay, introduce you to your new “Kiwi Parents” and help you settle in

Regularly, one of them will meet with you to see how your are finding your homestays. Sometimes there may be questions you may ask and things you are unsure of. Ally or Tanya will help you ask your homestay mum and dad these.

Tanya and Ally are here to help you enjoy your time in New Zealand, especially in your homestay. They have many years’ experience working with young International Students and homestay families.

Please note:

  • All families have been visited and undergone a New Zealand Police Vet to ensure the suitability for being a homestay family. 
  • Pre‑placement inspection of house and family by our Homestay Manager. 
  • Regular check-up and monitoring of homestay situations. 
  • Help in the house is usually expected. This may involve clearing away dishes from the dining room table, stacking the dishwasher, keeping the bathroom tidy, and keeping your room tidy.
  • Communication between the homestay family and the student is encouraged prior to the placement of the student if he is overseas at the time of application. 
  • Provision to change homestay if either the student or the family is not satisfied¹. 

¹ Where the student or his parents wish to change homestay, another Placement Fee will be charged

2. Designated Caregiver

Designated Caregivers (DC’s) are relatives or close family friends designated in writing by a parent of an International Student. 

  • The parents accept full responsibility for the decisions made by the DC regarding the day-to-day care of their child. The school has a responsibility to undertake regular monitoring to ensure that the DC arrangement meets Code of Practice requirements. All family members in the household over 18 years of age will be police vetted and must satisfy the safety protocols. 
  • The DC will need to sign the Designated Caregiver Agreement to acknowledge their understanding of the agreement and responsibility involved. . (Please contact the Director of International Students to enquire).
  • There is an annual cost for the school to monitor Designated Caregivers. (Please contact the Director of International Students to enquire).
  • Click here to download information on Designated Caregivers responsibilities

3. Parents

Students are very welcome to live with their parents’ full time. However, where parents are away from their home for any length of time, the Director of International Students will need to be informed, and accommodation arrangements for the students will need to be discussed.

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