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Arriving in New Zealand

The staff at Liston College are looking forward to meeting you when you arrive in New Zealand

Before you leave home

  • Make sure we know your flight and arrival details and notify us immediately if there are any changes. We need this to make sure you are met at the airport.
  • Pack your own bags. DO NOT carry anything for another person.
  • You should not carry a large amount of cash.
    • Bring with you or change at an airport currency exchange, about $400 NZD. This is enough for you for the first few days you are in new Zealand, until we can organise a New Zealand Bank account for you.

Arriving in New Zealand

When you arrive at Auckland International Airport:Arriving In Nz  Collage

  • You must complete a Passenger Arrival Card. 
    1. You can use a digital version or a card: Digital Passenger Arrival Card         (Translated Arrival Cards)
    2. Paper copy, maybe handed out on the plane 
  • You will go through Passport Control (you will need to show your VISA here), Baggage Claim and Customs (Passenger Arrival Card Check).
    1. New Zealand Customs are very strict about food being brought into the country. On arrival, you must declare any food to Customs, even if it is packaged, or put it in the rubbish bins in the Arrival Hall.
    2. New Zealand has a large multicultural population, including a range of Asian supermarkets. Most foodstuffs from your home country can be bought in New Zealand.
    3. You are not allowed to bring fresh food into N.Z. You may be charged a fine if you do 
    4. For a list of what you are not allowed to bring into New Zealand, watch the following New Zealand Customs Service video.

Meeting a Liston College representative

  • Once you have completed Customs formalities, you will enter the International Arrival Hall.  Here you will meet either Ally or Tanya with your name on a sign. Please identify yourself to them
  • Ally or Tanya will take you to your Homestay family, about 30 - 40 minutes drive.
  • If you get lost or cannot see your name on a sign, please phone Ally +64 272 448 586, or our International Director, Mike Ngaei +64 210 801 6227. DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT- we will always find you.

Your first few days at Liston College

Arriving In Nz 4
Please arrive 2-3 days before school starts. This will help you recover from jet lag and get ready for school. 
On your first few days at Liston College the following will take place: 
  • An orientation programme for you and any other new arrivals This is to introduce you to our school and how the school operates, and a "What to do if..." programme (for example: I feel sick and need to go to the Doctor)
  • Making copies of your documents -  make sure you bring your passport, visa document, insurance documents on your first day at school
  • Introducing you to your “buddy” – another student who will show you around in your first few days.
  • Discuss with you, your career goals. This will enable us to help you choose your subjects and then be given a timetable. There are 5 classes per day, one hour for each subject. You will study six subjects.
  • Introduce to to your teachers
  • Assess your English level so that we know how to structure your English programme for you.
  • We will take you to purchase your school uniform and help you open a bank account
  • Discuss with you other interests you may have. There are a wide variety of sports and clubs at Liston and Northwest Auckland. We will help you find those that you are interested in.

What to pack

Before you leave home, you will need to pack the following things

  • Your return Airline ticket If you have one)Arriving In Nz Packing Bags
  • Your Passport and current Student VISA
  • Travel / medical insurance policy (if you are organising your own)
  • Spending Money
  • Any prescriptions for necessary medications
  • Laptop / charger
  • Adaptor plug for electrical products
  • Phone (you can buy sim card when you arrive)
  • Black shoes
  • Belt
  • School bag
  • Clothing and personal items
    1. Auckland weather is moderate with few extremes of hot and cold, but it can be very changeable. In summer it can get to 27C (December – March) and in winter (July – August) it can be quite wet and cold with temperatures around 12C. So bring warm clothes.

General Information

  • In NZ It is illegal to smoke or buy cigarettes under the age of 18 years. You cannot smoke in any enclosed public place.
  • In NZ it is illegal to drink alcohol under 18 years.
  • In NZ the emergency telephone number for ambulance, police or fire is 111.
  • If you need to see a doctor, you must pay. You can claim the cost back on your insurance. Talk to your homestay, Ally or Tanya about going to a Doctor.

Our aim is to keep you safe, for you to enjoy your time at Liston College and in New Zealand your time with us and for you to gain academic success. If you have any questions, there are staff here to help you. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Liston College community.

Resources to prepare you for your arrival in New Zealand (click in images to access websites)

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