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Liston College views sport as an integral component of the social and physical development of all students. The attitudes and values developed through sport such as teamwork, cooperation and reliability are valuable assets that contribute to the future life experiences of our students.

Liston College prides itself on fair play and encourages everyone to participate in a sporting manner.

Many different sporting codes are offered at Liston.

Many of our teams and sportspeople are achieving at national level, while others gain enjoyment through participation with others and through achieving their own goals. If your son is involved in an individual sport and there is an event run by Auckland College Sports, then there is the opportunity for us to enter him into the competition.  

Director of Sport : Mr Tane Hughes

HOD Physical Education : Mr Daniel Morath

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Sporting codes and contacts:

Badminton: Mr Craig Forster
Basketball: Mr Rory Lord
Clay Target Shooting: Mr Alan Leathem
Cricket: Mr James Devereaux
Hockey: Mrs Jinnette Laing
Rugby: Mr Daniel Morath
Soccer: Mr Ian McLaughlan
Softball: Mr Gerry Bohte 
Table Tennis: Ms Kazue Takeda
Volleyball: Mr Tane Hughes
Waterpolo: Mr Ian McLaughlan


Other sports boys have been involved in are:

  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Baseball
  • BMX
  • Cycling
  • Moto X
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rowing
  • Shot Put
  • Swimming
  • Wheel Chair Basketball

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