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Uniform Update

Uniform Update

In 2024, Liston College will be celebrating its 50th Jubilee. The college has come a long way since it began in 1974 at the current location of Holy Cross School. With such an important year ahead of us, I would like to notify the community of some exciting changes to our uniform.  

Throughout 2023 we have canvassed various groups in our community - this included staff, Board of Trustees, Old Boys, parent groups and many of our students. This engagement has been essential is our decision making and enabled us to make uniform changes for the betterment of the college. These are outlined below:

1. We will be reintroducing our traditional crest:

The crest was designed in 1974. We will now include “1974” on top of the original crest to tie in with our 50th Year celebration. This crest will be embroidered on all shirts, jumpers, jackets, and blazers from 2024.

In doing this, we will begin a phase out period of uniform items that have the old crest. The burgundy and black school jacket will continue to have the existing crest for the foreseeable future. Parents, please note this does not require you to buy new uniform items. However, should you need to, these will be available for purchase next year.

2. Perhaps even more exciting is the introduction of a new senior uniform:

For students in Years 11, 12 and 13 they will be required to wear a new Liston College tie which will accompany a white dress shirt. 

A key point to note it that the uniform will become more affordable. The white stripe shirts will be discontinued, and families will be encouraged to buy white dress shirts from Elizabeth Michael or another retailer. The new school tie will also be available for purchase and again like the old crest, we will phase out the old ties. Importantly, there is no expectation to buy a blazer, nor new jumpers or maroon shirts with the new crest. As stated previously, these will phase out over time. One thing to note here is that will be actively encouraging the senior students to wear trousers with the shirt and tie.

Our community involvement in this review process has highlighted a desire for an improved sense of pride in our uniform whilst making the price point more accessible. The changes outlined above achieve the requested outcomes. We as a community, believe that our seniors wearing a white dress shirt and tie, and our juniors wearing the revamped crest will rekindle a sense of honour to be wearing our school uniform. Moreover, creating a further point of difference for Liston and launch our College into its next phase.

Throughout the remainder of 2023, we will be communicating to students and families these changes so please be aware that from 2024 this will be implemented. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kia pai te rā,

Daniel Girven
([email protected])


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