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Year 8 Camp 2022

Camp at Finlay Park was a stellar experience.

We were there from Tuesday to Friday. In addition, we did eight activities: rocket, slingshot paintball, go-carting, animal survival, paddle boarding, kayaking and rock climbing. We also went glow worming on a boat at night. 

One of our favourite activities was rocket. Essentially, rocket was an orange and yellow inflatable mat attached to a boat that could go at mind-boggling speed. Six people could go on the ride at once. All we had to hold on to was a short piece of rope, no longer than the width of your hand. Because of this our hands got quite sore. To add to the fun, we were allowed to push our friends off. That was truly an astounding experience. 

A slight challenge we faced was the heat at night. Since it was summertime, the heat was unbearable. We had a fan, but it was basically obsolete because the compact size meant it wasn’t very powerful. 

Waking up early and going for a run was also a challenge!

Overall camp was great. The food was delicious, the apartments and lake cabins were great, and the activities were great too. Camp was an extremely fun experience and if given the chance, I would go again. Thanks to all the parents and staff who made camp possible for us.


Logan Hughes 8K and Ram Gealon 8K

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