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Year 8 Camp 2020

Beep beep was the sound of my alarm clock informing me of the exciting week ahead. As I arrived at school noticing many bags, suitcases and excited families I was overwhelmed with all the energy early that morning.

By 10:30 we were on the road heading towards our new home for the week. On our way to the camp site, we were lucky enough to visit the Hamilton Gardens for a brief intermission. As we came closer to the site we began to notice the pool, flying fox and many more exciting activities. We were given a brief explanation of what Finlay Park had to offer by the amazing Jo. 

Every morning the bell struck at 6:00am informing us that we needed to get ready for our morning run. As everyone slowly dragged their zombie like bodies into the kitchen, we were all woken by the smell of the delicious breakfast waiting for our hungry bodies to indulge. Once breakfast was over everyone went their separate ways to do their chores. By about 10am we met up again in the hall and had been directed as to where our activities were. Everyone was excited - the teacher, parents and students. As our first activities came to an end, we were greeted by a delicious lunch served by the one and only Jo. Our last couple of activities went quickly as everyone started to get tired. Dinner was on its way and was a good way to end the day. As night began to fall, sleepy faces carried their bodies into their beds. 

Over the course of four days we were able to experience Go Karting, Banana Boating, the Blob, a gigantic Hydroslide and other activities. Every night we had amazing dinners such as butter chicken, burgers and pies.  We were also fortunate to have unlimited pool time. Overall, it was such an amazing experience shared with our friends, teachers and parents. 

Daniel Lapa (8J) & Erazmus Betham (8J)

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