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Year 7 Henderson History Unit

In Social Studies, Year 7 have been learning about the Henderson area before exploring Liston College’s history. Students looked back on the year of 1974, when the college was established, and were surprised how Liston has grown from its foundation students and few classrooms, to what it is today. They were tasked to write an acrostic poem about our school in general or a specific building. We’re so proud to share some of their literary creations.

Liston College new and bold
In it's walls are people filled with gold
Small kids get along with big
Tables filled with peace.
On this day, Liston stands,
Near to Edmund Rice, we are
College men in Christ we live.
Of this hill in great vined Henderson
Lives the college that will always grow
Living through Christ, He is part of our lives
Eternal life, in its roof
God has blessed us with this college
Ever we will stand in it's feet

  • Ryan Zhou (7J)


Looking sharp, student!

In Henderson so warm and vined

So here I make a choice

Turning into men

Over the moon, I'm happy

No pain, no gain


Combusting with joy

Old and dusty

Liston men

Learning and yearning

Eager beavers

Going to class

Ecstatic for school!

  • Tomi Adamchevski (7K)

Long may dear Liston reign

Important cultures we may gain

Special lessons we hope to learn

Tons of Knowledge we will earn

On our chapel we have a bust

New friends we learn to trust

Great exercise lots of sweating

Years of experience gets us running

Many sports so much panting

  • Althean Bardey (7K)

Liston has a gym

It was a realm of dusty floors

So the people flung open the doors

To let the builders in

Over days and days, weeks and weeks

No builder stopped working away

Going, leaving, the builders went

Yes, to celebration, no to resent

Many now use the gym

  • Jay Leighton (7J)


Life is breathed into this special place

It starts with the first sixty kids

So many students have been taught here

This college is part of our life forever

One person named Edmund Rice

New Liston College, is based upon him

  • Griffin Holder-Casey (7K)


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