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Year 12 Tongariro Geo Trip

On Wednesday 7th April 2021, 22 Year 12 Geography students hopped on the buses and headed down to the Tongariro Volcanic Centre to conduct research for their 2.5 internal.

Upon arrival at the Whakapapa Village Holiday Park next to the famous Tongariro Chateau, the class prepared themselves for the Tongariro Crossing we would be completing the next day. We took 7 hours and 34 minutes to complete the 19.4km Crossing, hiking past Mt. Ngauruhoe and through three of the four craters of Mt. Tongariro; the Red Crater, South Crater, and Central Crater. 

On the following day, we conducted our geographic research to identify the spread and presence of vegetation at different altitudes. In order to answer the research objective, the class visited 5 locations or research sites, conducting transects to identify specific vegetation species and drawing field sketches to visualise the surrounding environment at each site. 

One of the sites visited was Mt. Ruapehu. To get there the class went up the SkyWaka to Knoll Ridge where we ate and completed research at the highest café in the North Island – the Knoll Ridge Chalet, 2020m above sea level. 

As a conclusion to the trip before departing on Saturday, the class went to Tokaanu Hot Pools to relax after 3 big days of hiking, driving, and research. The trip was a great experience filled with fun activities, memories, and bonding. 

On behalf of the class I would like to thank the parents, Mr. Devereaux, Mr. Hughes, and Mr. Mackay for their assistance in guiding and organizing the trip to make it a success.  


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