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Year 11 Camp 2022

Year 11 Camp is a highlight of everyone’s year.

This camp is a new experience for all of us urban dwellers as there were no showers, no air conditioning, long drops and most importantly “no phones”. We had to arrange our own accommodation and cooking groups which meant lots of prior planning was put into this. Working with our teams really challenged our teamwork as we needed to communicate and work together, despite the hot weather and tiredness we faced. Learning to cook really grew our maturity and independence.

The four activities were: Hiking, Paddle Boarding & Kayaking, Snorkelling and The Beach. Everyone had their own favourite activity. Apart from being at the camp site, we spent the most time at the beach. We went past it every morning run, went there for a morning and afternoon swim, beach games and had boogie boarding there. The first night activity was an evening stroll with a full moon.

Everyone’s favourite must be the free time at camp site. Volleyball & Frisbee, chatting with friends, making new friends, storytelling and eating. Most people talked in their tents until midnight. I feel very sorry for those who wanted a good night’s sleep.

This camp is our last year level camp and boys were being boys and has been a summer camp to remember.

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