Y9 Social Studies - Knowing Your Culture

The Year 9 students are learning the importance of understanding their culture and how it is helping shape them into young men.

This term in Social Studies Year 9 students have been exploring their culture and the variety of cultures that surround them on a daily basis. The boys have been keen to share the unique aspects of their culture and amazed at the similarities they also share with their peers.

On Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th of February the boys from 9L and 9K presented their work so far in powerpoint presentations. Many were able to show visual elements as well as confidently discuss the key aspects that make their culture unique. The students put a lot of effort into their presentations, speaking proudly of their cultural identity.

For the rest of the school term students will be focusing on case studies, looking the cultural impact on New Zealand and cultural festivities to name a few in order to go a more comprehensive understanding of their culture and others.

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