Workday 2019

Workday 2019 - Tuesday 17 September. As part of Liston College’s continued effort to fund raise in order to provide for facilities and equipment, it is necessary for parents and students to involve themselves in a fundraising project for the year 2019. This year funds will go towards assisting in the cost of the new AstroTurf outside the TA Block. A new Astro Turf the size of two tennis courts costing approximately $125,000 is to be installed in the school. Funds have been raised so far to the tune of $100,000. This year’s Workday will allow this project to be completed.

In previous years students have participated in successful Workdays. Previous Workdays have raised in excess of $25 a student, with the whole school participating in the spirit of the day.

This year Workday will be held on Tuesday 17th September. Students are required to work that day (9.00am to 3.00pm), or during previous weekends, and donate the proceeds from your work to the school, according to the following scale.

Suggested pay:                Years 7, 8                    $20      ie. $4 per hour

                                         Years 9, 10                  $25      ie. $5 per hour

                                         Years 11, 12, 13          $30      ie. $6 per hour

Students are asked to start looking for work now, asking neighbours, local businesses or your present employer. If they are unable to find work (the school is able to organise and supply some work) they may be required to attend school from 8.40 am until 3.20 pm on this day, in full school uniform (school work will be provided). I hope this would be the exception, not the rule.

As a school we encourage students to find a job and not expect parents to just give you the money. Ask  relatives, neighbours, local businesses etc for a day. Students have just five weeks to find work and should start looking now, not a few days before the workday.

Some jobs to be considered are: 

     section clearing          painting                       hedge trimming                      pruning           

     window cleaning         gardening                    lawn mowing  etc

Download the Workday Newsletter to Students 

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