Word from the Principal - 7 June 2019

Word from the Principal - 7 June 2019

NCEA Changes: I am preparing a summary of the proposed changes to NCEA. Next week I will send out full details on how this affects our students.

Canceled strike action:  The secondary teachers' union (PPTA) has canceled next week's planned strike action after a day of intenstive with the Minister of Education. This means the Year 10 students are to be at school all of next week. 

Save the date: The Annual Father & Son Breakfast will be held on Saturday 31 August. Full details and bookings will be open shortly.

Careers Evening: Please support the careers evening which will be taking place on Wednesday 26 June.  Details here.

Long Term Absences: Unless an absence is unavoidable (i.e. sickness, bereavement), written approval must be sought from the Principal. eg. Planned long term absences, such as trips and short term absences due to family holidays or sports events. Please email my PA, Deirdre Bennett with your request.

Day to Day Absences: if a caregiver has not advised the school of an absence either by phone, email or through the College App, a note must be provided on the first day of their return to school.

Health and Safety Procedures for boys unwell at school: Boys who are unwell during the day must see their Dean and then come to the sickbay. If they need to go home, the office ladies will phone parents. Boys must NOT text/phone home themselves.

Liston College Scarves. As the weather has now turned chilly, a scarf for the boys is a good idea. We have the Liston scarf available from the school office. These can be purchased by eftpos or cash for only $25.

God bless you and your families.

Chris Rooney


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