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Welcome Class of 2022

On Tuesday, 2nd February, Liston staff and senior students were proud to welcome our new entrants into our school community.

Mr Dooley, Mr Girven and Miss Andrews had the pleasure of meeting and addressing our Year 7 cohort on their first day of the school year. Socially distanced, masked and looking very smart in their new school uniform, they were introduced to their Year 7 form teachers; Mr Hlahla (7J), Miss Ross (7K), Mr Torres (7L) and Mr Bohte (7M). Unfortunately due to restrictions, our new students of 2022 entered our school gates without the support of their whanau, parents and caregivers. Their energy and presence during the morning welcome, was missed however we were pleased to see familiar faces belonging to sons of Old Boys, and of brothers and cousins of past and present students. Our year 7 team spent the day introducing the boys to Liston teaching staff, academic timetable, school grounds, and other areas of school life. 


This past week, we have been pleased to see our Year 7 cohort quickly transition into Liston life. We wish them well on their journey to becoming Liston men, and look forward to them embracing the opportunities that Liston College has on offer during the next seven years of their school career.


Noho ora mai,


Phoebe Andrews

Year 7 Dean

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