Sustainable Leaders Programme

On 15th – 17th April we participated in the Sustainable Leaders Programme on behalf of the Liston College Environmental Group. The three day programme started at the Makaurau Marae where we learnt more about the importance of Maori values and how sustainability is linked to our iwi.

We were welcomed onto the Marae grounds with a powhiri, where we met our fellow sustainable leaders from other schools all over Auckland. We trekked into a reserve near the Otuataua Stone Fields where we helped members of the marae to maintain the reserve’s natural beauty; truly an eye opener to how our litter affects areas like these.

On our second day we jumped aboard the Dolphin and Whale explorer. While onboard we were taught about the marine life in the ocean, specifically sharks, and extractions of water were taken from the sea showing us phyto-planktons essential to the creation of oxygen.

After our boating experience we were taken to Ambury Regional Park where we learnt more about how vital the birds of our country are to New Zealand’s eco-system. We paired up with other sustainable leaders and painted various birds along with information palettes to educate people who visit the Regional Park.

On the final day we congregated at the Manukau Cruising Club where we were given the opportunity to help form plans to take action in our own schools. We met with representatives from Auckland Council about our plans to help incorporate a three-bin waste system here at Liston College. This last day was a great way to get helpful ideas and contacts regarding our own project here at Liston. Overall the Sustainable Leaders Programme was a great experience for us, educating us on how to lead our schools in becoming more sustainable places.

We’d like to thank Mr Rooney for supporting us to attend the programme and Ms Mather for giving us the opportunity to get in touch with this great programme.

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