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Student Sporting Success - July 2021

Congratulations to students who have competed and won in their chosen sport.

Krsna & Visnu Prasad - Wrestling

Krsna and Visnu took part in the Auckland Championships and again showed that their commitment and dedication paid off.

Visnu Prasad got Gold 1st place in the 44kg division & Krsna Prasad came 2nd and got Silver Medal

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Anton Te Dorsthorst - Grappling

Anton entered the Wellington regionals and won the gold in the 14-15 year old orange belt, 70kg, no gi and gold in the kids 14 -15 year old orange belt, 74kg, gi. Anton decided to also enter the adults blue belt division and came second in the no gi, 68kg and won the gi, 76kg.

Anton Te D

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