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Starting 2022 under "Red" Traffic Light

I do hope you and your sons had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and summer break. We look forward to Steve Dooley starting as Principal from 27 January and introducing him to the Liston College students and community as we start the new school year.

Unfortunately, Term 1 is going to present challenges as we operate under “Red” traffic light setting in the Covid Protection Framework (CPF). 

Start to Term 1 (see our calendar on the school website for more information)
 Over the first week and beyond, it is our expectation that all boys will return onsite to school, therefore the 2022 school year will begin as follows:

  • Tuesday 1 February at 8.40am for Year 7 and at 9.30am for new Year 8 & 9 students.
  • Wednesday 2 February at 8.40am for all Year 7-11 students (from now on)
    •  at 9.00am for Year 12 for course confirmation
    • at 1.00pm for Year 13 for course confirmation
  • Friday 4 February at 8.40am for all students, Years 7-13


Please ensure that your son(s) arrive at school with a mask, in the correct uniform, properly groomed and on time.


Please note:

  • Given present circumstances, there will be no ability for us to offer remote teaching as our teachers will be in front of their classes. However, support for offsite learning will be provided to those who are advised to remain at home. If circumstance change, we will inform you.
  •  It is too early to make decisions on events such as NCEA night, new students / parents BBQ, Athletics Day, Camps etc. However, under Red traffic light setting it will be unlikely that some events will be able to occur. We will keep you fully informed about such events

Health and Safety Protocols under the Red traffic light setting
To date schools are awaiting further guidance from the Ministry of Education. Nevertheless, with school commencing Tuesday next week, it is important that we communicate to you our Health and Safety protocol now, based on guidance to date.

Please note that the Ministry of Education has indicated that:

  • Schools are open for onsite learning for all students.  Schools are prohibited from requiring students to be vaccinated to access education. 
  • Only essential visitors should come into the school (it is okay to drop off / pick up your son). 
    1. Where a parent comes on site, the visit should be brief, face masks worn and register at administration.
    2. Parents are encouraged to contact the school via phone or email rather than visiting


Under Red traffic light setting:

  • Mask use is compulsory indoors at all times as well on school buses / public transport 
  • Basic hygiene practices to be followed (Handwashing, sneezing etiquette, not touching mouth / eyes etc)
  • Contact tracing in place
  • Ventilation protocols outlined to staff
  • Classroom hard surfaces to be sanitised regularly
  • Hands to be sanitised entry / exit of classrooms (sanitiser available in each classroom)
  • Physical distancing in classrooms
  • Assemblies of large groups of students will be held outdoors, physical distancing
  • Sport, Music and Cultural activities can begin, but under strict protocol


Our Health and Safety Protocols may be modified through advice from either: the Ministries of Health and / or Education, Site Safe, change in number of students present at school, or internal review

I am conscious that some families will be anxious regarding the school year resuming. This is understandable; the future is uncertain but I am assure you that we do have plans in place to deal with any changes that may come our way.

We look forward to seeing all our Liston students in the coming days.

Kind regards

 Paul Houghton

Acting Principal


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