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The Liston College Sports Academy (LSA) has the aspirational vision of developing our most promising young sportsmen to realise their potential in both sport and in life.

The Sports Academy has been established to identify and develop students who have a high level of skill and potential in their chosen sport. The aim is to improve the skill levels of players at a junior level so that by the time they reach senior level, they are adequately prepared for high performance.  

Approximately 100 boys in Years 7 to 10 will be selected to participate in the Academy, representing four key sports at the College: Basketball, Cricket, Football and Rugby.

LSA is offering a combined Year 7 & 8 group and a combined Year 9 & 10 group for each academy that run in separate sessions as a full year course.  Note: Cricket 2022 will operate over Term 1 and 4 only. 

Students will attend LSA for 1.5 hours per week. Throughout these lessons they will receive high-quality coaching and theory lessons in the classroom, both designed to improve and develop not only their practical skills, but also their understanding of how to train properly for their chosen sport. The theory lessons are based around generic sport-related studies and include such topics as goal setting, sports psychology, diet and nutrition. Sessions will be delivered by high-quality, experienced coaches of the particular code.

Below are the 4 Academy options on offer for 2022


This course offers -Fundamental skill development, positional play, scrimmaging/tactical awareness, games for understanding, training methods and physical conditioning.

 Uniform required: Liston sport shorts, reversible training top.



This course offers-Fundamental skill development. Technical and tactical awareness. Understanding of game play. Sports specific components of fitness. 

Uniform required: Liston sports top, shorts, football socks and shower-proof jacket. Shin pads. 



This course is based on- The NZ Rugby Union’s five pillars of player development - technical, tactical, mental, holistic and physical.

Uniform required: Liston sports top, rugby shorts, socks, shower-proof jacket and boots (own)


CRICKET -Term 1 & 4 only

This course offers-Skill development, games for understanding, tactical awareness, physical/mental conditioning.

Uniform required: Liston Sports top and shorts. Personal cricket gear. Liston Cricket cap.


This course is designed for students who are currently playing sport at a competitive level or wish to play a competitive sport.

Entry into the Liston Sports Academy will be a selection process. 

Once you have selected this course on school point you will be given the formal application form to complete. Acceptance will be in consultation with Sports coaches, PE teachers or provider schools for those new to Liston College.

Each year practical trials will take place. These will comprise of sport-specific skills assessment, fitness test, and game performance.

Trials will be held in November for the Year 9/10 Academy and in January for the Year 7/8 Academy.

If accepted students will be expected to make a contribution to sport at the school as well as maintain standards of academic effort and focus in all subjects.

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