Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week 2019 showed us five important messages to keep safe.

  • Headphones - One Ear Out
  • Walking & driving - Eyes up, phone down!
  • Crossing roads - Stop, Look, Cross
  • Seatbelts = Lifebelt
  • Train safety - See Tracks? Think Train!

We spent the week in Social Studies looking at these messages, the Road Code and doing a poster competition. On the Friday we had a team of Police from Whaangaia Ngaa Paa Harakeke in Henderson to talk to use about Road Safety.

Some of us got a sneak peek of what it is like in a Police car and how it works, such as the sirens and radios. After all the talking and learning we learnt to keep ourselves safe even if we must speak up to people that are bigger, older and stronger than us.

    Aso Faumuina (7J)

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