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Prefects Leadership Day 2022

On Friday 25th March, the Liston Prefects were given the opportunity to undergo their planning for the school year in a series of tasks and activities. Due to the unfortunate COVID-19 restrictions, this leadership day compensated for the annual 3-day Prefects Camp.

The day was a success, beginning with inspirational seminars from the Principal – Mr Dooley, and Old Boy Brother Zecharia Mathew. 

Following the morning session, the boys moved on to team building exercises such as the 'Balloon-Table Experiment'. The Prefects were instructed to fit all 20 boys on a trestle table sitting atop of 25 balloons, of which they completed successfully. 


The second half of the day involved assigning roles and groups to the Prefects whilst creating and planning new events and initiatives to execute throughout the school year. Thanks to the Liston Old Boys' Society, the Prefects were well fed with Domino’s Pizza at lunch time. 

On behalf of the Prefects, we thank Mr Swann, Mr Hickey, Brother Zecharia, Mr Dooley and the Old Boys' Society for their help and involvement in the effective organisation of the 2022 Prefects Leadership Day. 


We look forward to the year ahead! 


By Kieran Sullivan and Nevin Kishore

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