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Pastoral Care Matters

Important news from the Director of Pastoral Care.



We expect 100% attendance from all students. However, we do understand boys will get sick. With that in mind, we have set the expectation of at least 90% attendance for Term 3.


Punctuality is another priority for all our students. Lateness and repeated lateness has been proven to have an impact on achievement. Therefore, our process regarding lateness has changed. If a student is late, they must provide signed evidence from a caregiver as to why; failure to present evidence will result in an interval detention. A second time late within two weeks, without caregiver evidence, will result in a Deans’ detention. Obviously in the case of public transport issues this doesn’t apply.  


In the weeks remaining for many of our senior students, I cannot stress enough the importance of being at school, on time, and being ready to learn. These weeks remaining and development of time management skills can guide their path for years to come. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


During the term we’ve had many students not following school rules around contacting caregivers during school hours. As a result we are experiencing an increasing number of parents arriving at school with office staff, deans and teachers unaware as to why they are here. 


As a gentle reminder, please see the below processes around students being picked up:


If a student has an appointment during school hours, please provide him with a note in his diary stating the time and reason he needs to leave. It will then be his responsibility to see his dean who will then give him a green sign out slip. This slip is then given to office staff who will assist with sign out once a caregiver arrives. 


Students are not to be calling, texting or emailing parents to pick them up during school hours. If a student is unwell, they need to ask their teacher for a note to go to the sick bay. The office staff will then call caregivers to come and pick them if they are unwell. 



Should a student require extended leave (over 2 days) from school during the school terms, for holidays, sports etc, approval from the Principal must be sought. An Application for Leave form must be completed and returned to Mr Dooley.

I trust this clarifies a few procedural processes, and again, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding this. 

Daniel Girven

Director of Pastoral Care

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