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Parent Teacher Interviews - May 2022

As signalled to you earlier this year, Parent Teacher Interviews will be held over two evenings, next week. Due to the current Covid situation, we have decided, like many other schools, to conduct these interviews online - you do not need to download any special software for these online interviews.

Parent Teacher Interviews



We would like to encourage you to participate in our Parent/Teacher Interview evening to discuss with the subject teachers, any concerns you have or to clarify what steps you can take to support and extend your son - their next learning steps.

For senior students, it is an opportunity opportunity to find how they can best attain the necessary credits on offer in their particular subjects and to excel.

For all students, it is about helping them to achieve personal excellence.

The interview booking process is completed via the PORTAL LOGIN on the school website. I have attached two sets of instructions to help you:
* Choosing Interview times on line
* Connecting with the teachers on Interview Night (using the TEAMS APP)

Please note:
* leave a 10 minute gap between interviews, where possible
* ensure that the interview is completed within the allotted time - I suggest 9 minutes, as there will be other parents waiting to meet the teacher

If you are unable to book a time as there may not be any more available, or you are unavailable, please feel free to contact your son's teachers by email (email addresses can be found under the CONTACTS Tab / staff on the School website)

If you have any difficulties, please contact Mr Paul Houghton

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