Parent / Teacher Interviews

PARENT/TEACHER EVENING – 31 July & 1 August 2019 - As you are aware, we are offering parents time to meet with your son’s subject teachers over two evenings.




We would like to encourage you to attend our Parent/Teacher evening to discuss with the subject teachers any concerns you have or to clarify what steps you can take to extend your son. For senior students, it is an opportunity to find how they can best attain the necessary credits on offer in their particular subjects.  For all students, it is about helping them to achieve personal excellence. 

The interview booking process is completed via the internet.  You must make an appointment because teachers may not be able to see you without an appointment.

Step 1:             Go to the Liston College website

Step 2:             Click on “Parent Teacher Interviews”

Step 3:             Entry code for parents is:  sk78k

Step 4:             Click on “Go”

Step 5:             Enter details:            Parent’s name can be entered as B Smith

                                                         Enter email address

Choose to enter interviews for 1 or more students

Enter student’s full name – there may be more than one T Jones in the school

Step 6:             Click on “Go”

Step 7:             Use the drop down menu to choose subjects

Step 8:             Use the drop down menu to choose the correct teachers

Step 9:             Choose either Wednesday or Thursday for your interviews    

Step 10:          Click in the boxes to choose times.  If possible leave ten minutes between interviews to ensure you are on time for the next interview.  Sometimes that will not be possible, so to facilitate movement of parents, the teachers will be seated in alphabetical order around the Gymnasium.  If interviews are arranged so that the teachers are in alphabetical order, it will be easier to move from one teacher to the next.

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