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Message from Steve Dooley, Principal. 25.03.22


Working through our priorities this term it has been pleasing to have safety, attendance and classroom engagement managed and strengthened. 


Our next focus towards all of our boys feeling a strong sense of belonging to his school. 


Co-curricular means representing the school outside of normal class time. At Liston co-curricular is well catered for and we aim to strengthen it further over the coming months and years. 


Right now our focus is on inviting all students to represent Liston in at least one co-curricular activity. Next year this invitation will become an expectation. 


Boys must have healthy belonging and community. It is essential to their growth, character and well-being. 


Throughout my years I have found if healthy community connection is not provided for boys… they will seek it elsewhere… and this is where trouble can arise. 


I want to thank all of our staff and parents for helping Liston provide a quality co-curricular programme, a programme - as mentioned earlier -  that will be further strengthened. 


Please note:

  • Due to Omicron absenteeism early this term - we will be holding more co-curricular sign up opportunities over the coming 3 weeks (starting with football next week)
  • Co-curricular includes sports teams, music groups, other performing arts activities, service groups and debating.
  • We understand Year 7-8 sporting opportunities are limited currently due to club competitions up to Year 9. 
  • A full list of our co- curricular opportunities will be placed in next weeks newsletter

Parents, my sincere thanks in advance for helping us ensure your sons take part in our co-curricular programme, feel belonging to their school and fulfil a crucial ingredient of becoming a Liston Man


God bless

Steve Dooley, Principal

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