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Message from Steve Dooley, Principal - 06.05.22

It has been wonderful to see your sons back at school this week after a well deserved break.

Term 1 was a big term and by the end of it we have seen:

  • New students welcomed and inducted into the school
  • Teachers starting to embed effective working relationships within the classroom 
  • School routines and expectations communicated and initiated

And now we have term 2.

The term 2 focus for our young men at Liston will be driven by three factors:

  1. Term 2 is the most important academic term to embed learning for achievement.
  2. We must be brave enough to identify the effects of the last two years on Auckland's young people.
  3. We must be hopeful enough to believe we can close the learning and social gaps lost over the last two years

I absolutely love being at Liston, your son's are terrific and the teachers genuinely care. Throughout this term we will be communicating to you the plan to deliver on the 3 points above. It begins with an honest identification of your sons current learning status:

  • Year 7 to 10 Parents - In two weeks you will be emailed results of independent testing (PAT tests) on your son's current level of ability for literacy and numeracy, compared against a national average. These results will inform further literacy and numeracy support for our junior students this year and beyond.
  • Year 11-13 Parents - We have appointed an academic tracking manager to support our Deans to track and support each senior student individually. Later in term 2 we will be providing a prediction of end of year success grade for each senior student on each of their subjects, followed up by individual achievement plans for each student.

The above is just a start. Throughout Term 2 we will be sharing with you further school initiatives that in partnership with families will close covid learning gaps - supporting each of our boys sense of achievement, wellbeing and enjoyment of life in all of its God given fullness. All children deserve to realise their potential.

Congratulations to the Liston Men of the Week:

  • Year 7 = Sione Tupu 
  • Year 8 =  Maathulan Senthilkumar
  • Year 9 = Anepi Tiro 
  • Year 10 = Nathaniel Fale
  • Year 11 = Andrew Ray 
  • Year 12 = Jash Prakash
  • Year 13 = Luke Thompson

Ngā  manaakitanga

Steve Dooley, Principal

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