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Message from Steve Dooley, Principal 01.04.22

Liston Man - Man of Spirit

A friend of mine shared a simple and insightful reflection with me recently.


Coaching Leaders and CEO's for a living, her ability to have a pulse for "organisational climate testing" and naming succinctly the priority issue that needs solving is a core skill of hers, cultivated over time.


I asked her - "what does she think should be the main focus for leaders post pandemic" - and her response was enlightening... she simply said... "Soul Healing".


Physical safety and health has been the recurring theme over the last 24 months from our country's leaders. Fair enough, but as Liston people of faith and hope - we know addressing only physical needs will not give our children what they need to live life to the full.


Next term I look forward to sharing with you several new initiatives directed at building our young men up to be Liston Men of Spirit and Brotherhood. For now, please click on the video link below to watch a 2 minute video created by our talented Prefect team who's initiative and humour will give you a glimpse of the type of soul healing we plan on doing more of, for your sons and our Liston Men of Spirit.


CLICK HERE for the Prefects video

Congratulation to our Liston Men of the Week:

  • Year 7 - Cody Dinglasan
  • Year 8 - Khryzlah Sele-Ama 
  • Year 9 – Milton McDonald 
  • Year 10 -  Travis Macdowall 
  • Year 11 -  Johannes Altena 
  • Year 12 -  Enzo Stratton-Jones
  • Year 13 - Sheridan Burmester

Nga mihi and God Bless

Steve Dooley


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