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Message from the Principal 11.02.22

Humility and Excellence

The above characteristics have the ability to set Catholic schools apart.

Rather than seemingly contrasting values I prefer to see them as inseparable for a Gospel driven school that insists on walking the talk.

As like any words over time they can be misinterpreted - here are my definitions of each within a Catholic school setting:

Humility - a deep and intrinsic respect for the dignity of others. A knowing that we are all connected.

Excellence - a desire to realise ones individual potential. The opposite to elitism - the strive for "Personal" excellence is using our God given gifts to the best of our ability. 

Humility and Excellence in this framework can be uplifting for a Catholic boys school in living out the courageous purpose of both the Gospel and vision for an Edmund Rice School.

Congratulations to:

Year 13 student last year - Michael Kennedy  was awarded three of Liston's four NZQA scholarships. Perhaps most impressive was that for all three scholarships he was awarded an "Outstanding" grade by NZQA. This places Michael in the top 1% in New Zealand for Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Congratulations also to Nathan Cusi for achieving a scholarship in Design. 

Congratulations also to the teachers of Michael and Nathan. (Y13 Chemistry - Mr Hlahla, Y13 Biology - Ms Khan, Y13 Physics - Mrs Jom and Y13 Design - Mr Manu)

Well done to Mr Lord and his team of teachers and parent volunteers for providing a wonderful camp for our Year 8 men in Lake Karapiro. The boys have deserved a rest over the weekend. 

The Liston Man Awards this week go to:

  • Year 7 Samar Dhaliwal
  • Year 8 Joniah Lo Tam
  • Year 9 Toby Hall
  • Year 10 Ray Mabulay
  • Year 11 Corey Scherrer
  • Year 12 Sosafate Vaka'uta
  • Year 13 Zaine Chand 

We are looking forward to seeing the boys back on Monday!

Nga Mihi and God Bless

Steve Dooley

Liberating Education

Gospel Spirituality

Inclusive Community

Justice & Solidarity