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Message from Mr Dooley 11.03.22

Safety A short note to say thank you to all our community for some excellent attendance results over the past two weeks. Our thoughts go to those many other schools that have had to close or drastically reduce their teaching and learning time recently.

As well as good fortune, credit must also go to the boys, parents and staff for correctly following safety protocols and ensuring infection rates at school were kept to a minimum. This enabled us to keep Liston fully open with relatively high student and staff attendance rates.

Learning Priority
We now enter an important phase of learning where any student who needed to self-isolate must ensure they work hard to catch up on any unfinished work in order to meet their teacher's expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your son's learning.

Liston Representation
On a final note, it is excellent to see the high rate of students enrolling in our co-curricular programme this year. Whether it be sports, music or another activity - representing the school and feeling a sense of belonging is an essential ingredient to becoming a Liston Man. The expectation for all students is that they are involved in at least one Liston College co-curricular representation each year. My thanks to the staff and parent coaches and managers who ensure that this crucial part of a holistic education remains a reality for our young Liston Men.

I am looking forward to another good week ahead.

Steve Dooley

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