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Message from Mr Dooley -1 July 2022

Dear Parents & Caregivers


 Last year, I attended a symposium on how to address the Vaping crisis that has been raging through Secondary schools.   

As school Principals we heard first hand from a medical doctor and researcher. The current medical evidence is pointing strongly towards the fact that vaping will likely prove to be up to 3 times more damaging to human health than smoking.   

Why then, you ask, is this not held as the common view now?   

Scientific longitudinal studies are underway in Europe and North America where the effects of vaping on the human body are recorded over a lifetime. Disturbingly, what this really means is medical studies may need to wait for the people involved in the case study to die, before registering any longitudinal common damage from vaping as evidenced based, empirical research.   

As parents and educators, I don’t believe we need to wait years for this scientific research to be completed in order to recognise the risk right now - that the potential for serious harm on our youth is significant.   

No matter how common or normal our young people across New Zealand may consider vaping to be in social settings, at Liston we will continue to maintain a consistent approach to any proven school related incidents. Families will be brought in, partnership with the home will be sought, any necessary consequences will be consistent and perhaps most importantly, support for those students will be available and ongoing.  

We are currently considering the best way to begin a school wide educational programme around vaping and we will be in contact with you early next term with our plans towards this.  

Nga manaakitanga  

Steve Dooley Principal  

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