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Message from Mr Dooley 04.03.22

Internal Peace in the midst of external chaos.

Looking at the news headlines this week it could be so easy to succumb to fear and dread. Indeed, anxiety and apprehension sound bites seem to serve most media objectives. 


Is there an opportunity for us to offer an alternative, counter cultural view? 


An honest reading of the Gospel will both uplift and challenge us. We will be left with a feeling and purpose often in direct contrast to the predominant secular culture of the time. 


Have you ever wondered why the words - "be not afraid" - was the most common phrase Jesus used throughout out his 3 year ministry? I suspect he knew the offering of internal freedom is far more valuable than any external wish-list we may have. 


This an alternative way of being. Yes, we pray and ask for our external world to improve, however, we also really know that the true uplifting is the inner fearlessness given to our hearts. 


It is a challenge to believe we can access this interior joy when our outer environment looks grim, but yet we are called to do just that - believe it is possible - and experience its joy and truth right now.


With Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday this week, my hope is all of our young Liston Men can begin an inner journey - a journey that can make their world seem full of grace and hope rather than a place to fear and protect ourselves from.


It's been a great week and we look forward to seeing the boys back on Monday.


Liston Men of the Week

Congratulations to...

  • Year 7 - Syon Davison
  • Year 9 -  Adriel Book 
  • Year 10 - Joachim Hatzaw
  • Year 11 - Joshua Singh
  • Year 12 - Conor Garbett. 
  • Year 13 - Conrad Ang


God bless

Steve Dooley

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