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Message From The Principal 19.11.21

Welcome back to the Year 7-10 students. It seems such a long time since we had these boys on-site. Although we have to keep the Year 7-8 bubble separate from the Year 9 & 10 students, the last remaining weeks of the school year will give the boys some sense of being back in the school routine.

When coming into the school, please be mindful of the following Health & Safety guidelines for you and your son.

  1. Where students are coming to school by car: Drop off and Pickup zone is at the bus bay at the exit to the College
  2. Ask parents not to come onto the school grounds / visit Administration unless it is urgent. Contact staff via phone or email.
  3. Where feasible students should come to school as close to 9.30am as possible and be picked up at 2.25pm. Buses will run as normal.
  4. When a student arrives at school, they are to go to their assigned classroom and not congregate. A teacher will be present in the room to cater for those students arriving early.
  5. Students to bring their laptop, a book, earphones / buds and their own water. The Tuck shop will be open for wrapped food only


Prize Giving: We are currently completing the digital prize giving. You will be able to view this next week.

I know some of you are interested in knowing how the staff are tracking with the vaccination. As of today, 98% of the staff are fully vaccinated.  We will get to 100% very soon. I would like to commend the staff for their responsible approach to helping to protect your sons.

Every blessing to you and your family

Chris Rooney


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