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Message From The Principal 02.07.21

My decision to retire at the end of this year may have come as a surprise to some of you. I apologise if this is the case – it was never my intention to do this. I always wanted to retire when I had the energy and passion to continue to serve the College.

I feel I could have continued to do so for several more years. I do believe that this is the right time to pass the baton on to my successor. The College is in an excellent shape and the Board will have no difficulty finding a suitable replacement. With a passionate committed staff, fabulous students, supportive parents and whanau, and an excellent Board – who wouldn’t want to lead such a successful school? I will keep you informed of the process of replacing me and of any formal farewell events. I will not be severing my links with the College as I will remain a member of the Liston College Foundation Fund Advisory Committee. I look forward to being able to contribute to the future development of the College through this work.


You will be aware from the media that in many schools students are experimenting with vaping – and Liston College is no exception. We recently had a serious incident where a student was vaping at school and had a seizure as a direct result of the vaping. We called for an ambulance and he was taken to hospital. Fortunately he has recovered but will have to live with the consequences of the seizure – including being unable to drive for the next 12 months. I bring this to your attention because it is an issue which we have to address at the College. At one time students might experiment with cigarettes. We have not had to deal with this issue for over 10 years. Vaping was supposed to be an alternative for smokers to wean off nicotine. Unfortunately vaping is being marketed as a cool thing to start doing and the vaping stores are magnets for young people to come in.

I will be addressing this at next week’s assembly. In the meantime, I would ask you to have a conversation with your son pointing out the damage and harm that vaping can do.

Coming up

During the upcoming school holidays, NCEA students have the opportunity to attend tutorials. The schedule of these can be found on our website. We also join with St Dominics College for our annual school ball. I am sure the students are putting in lots of planning for this special event. It is good that we are able to hold it this year, especially as last year it was cancelled due to Covid.

Save the date:  The Father & Son Breakfast will be held on Saturday 4 September. This is always a well attended event where boys and their dads/grandfathers come away having had delicious food and listening to inspirational speakers. Bookings for the Father & Son Breakfast will open up next term.

Every blessing to you and your family.

Chris Rooney, Principal.

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