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Liston Men of the Week - 29.07.22

Liston Men of the Week....

Year 7 - Cein Burmester : For his positive outlook enthusiasm towards his learning.

Year 8 - Matthew Siua-King : For excellent effort and focus when working with his reading mentor.  

Year 9 -  Jack Coup : He shows compassion for others. During every class, he checks in with his classmates if they are struggling with work and will take the time to explain what to help them.

Year 10 -  Jason Chhay : Always helpful in all his classes. Respectful and always completes all tasks.

Year 11 - Victor Barbosa : For his ability to fully engage and seek clarification in lessons.

Year 12 - Dean Afable :  He is respectful, smart ,helpful ,humorous, always switched on in class and submitting work to an excellence standards.

Year 13 - Logan Haynes : For his dedication to the 1st XV. He turns up week in and week out. He is also there on a Saturday after 2nd XV to help wherever her can. Unrivalled commitment to the group. 

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