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Liston Men of the Week 25.02.22

The Liston Man of the Week award - This rewards students for showing Liston Man values, which are * Act responsibly * Walk humbly * Think effectively * Deliver excellence * Serve faithfully.

Year 7 - Shourya Thakore for showing strong enthusiasm and respect for his learning, and confidently leading his peers by participating in class discussion. 


Year 8 - Kelaiah Viliamu for working hard in class and always being respectful. Superstar.


Year 9 -  Edward Mafi in 9L. He is such a cheerful and hard-working young man, always putting his best effort into his work (for English). He also is a great participant in class conversations with meaningful input to add. 


Y10 - Nofo Vaai Afamasaga - I have seen him in very class, helping the teacher put up chairs, during science, we were cutting paper and he tidied up for me without me needing to do. I was impressed. I was going to pack up my own things but he came up and helped me out. He also frequently opens the door for students and teachers during either the start or end of the period. He is a trustworthy, courageous Liston man.


Year 11 – Jack McHale – for his mature and confident approach to his education.


Yea 12 – Simi Veatupu - His uniform is immaculate. Tucked in with a belt and proud. 


Year 13 - Devlyn Tualasea-Nansen - Being a fantastic leader and mentor for his Year 7 mentoring group.

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