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Liston Men of the Week - 20.05.22

Liston Man of the Week....

Year 7 = Junior Soola - Offering his spare time to support another student to catch-up in Science

Year 8 =  Ruhan Thakkar - plays for the Liston Year 7 & 8 Basketball team. His work ethic is excellent and he really works hard. His behaviour is spot on and he shows leadership quality.

Year 9 = Te Mana Royal - Supporting junior students during our weekly Lexia programme. 

Year 10 = Aaron Yu - Always helpful and trying his best. Supportive of his learning and that of his peers.

Year 11 = Giovanni Helu - For trying his hardest on a challenging internal and always being polite and respectful to his teacher

Year 12 = Vincent Santos – for consistently showing the qualities of a Liston man, even when no-one is watching.  

Year 13 = Tukala Logan – outstanding in giving up his free time to help with school based events. He is humble and hard working – a true liston man 

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