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Liston Men of the Week 18.03.22

The Liston Man of the Week awards...

Year 7 - Lucas Martins for Singing proudly at Mihi Whakatau 


Year 8 - Gion Dalauidao - for his creativity and going above and beyond with his work in Technology.


Year 9 - Lucas Wood - for performing above and beyond and completing work to a high standard in Science.


Year 10 - Husain Tewala - I have seen him in every class, helping the teacher put up chairs. During science, we were cutting paper and he tidied up for me without me needing to ask him. I was impressed. He also frequently opens the door for students and teachers during either the start or end of the period. He is a trustworthy, courageous Liston man. 


Year 11 - Zach Knott as he is working extremely well despite joining science class late and is making good progress. 


Year12 – Vincent Santos – for consistently showing the qualities of a Liston man, even when no-one is watching.  


Year 13 - Pitone Avito - Senior 1st XV player helping to set the example with the food drive. He has also been the driving force, along with Sebastyen in setting the standard for the 1st XV during preseason. 

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