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Liston Men of the Week - 17.06.22

Liston Men of the Week - Friday 17 June 2022

Year 7 = Marko Nola - Demonstrating strong commitment to his learning, he’s always striving to go beyond expectations while carrying himself with humility. 

Year 8 = Joniah Lo Tam. He was absent from school for two weeks in isolation, but kept his learning going, handed in all the work and completed all the assessments to the highest quality (Japanese). I have never seen a Year 8 student who is so mature and can already take responsibility for his own learning. 

Year 9 =  Audric Puah from 9G for returning a wallet full of money he found in the street.  

Year 10 =  Oliver Gooding-Girl is always respectful and polite ,he takes initiative in helping his friends in the form class and is a very reliable. 

Year 11 = Andrew Ray - On attending to a student who fell over after school and whilst patching him up in the sickbay, Andrew came in all concerned. He called his mother and asked if she could take him home so he didn't have to catch the bus. How thoughtful and caring was he towards his peer.

Year 12 = Anmol Shrestha - He came to the office with and paid for another students badminton shirt. He was very humble about it

Year 13 = Timothy Setiwan - Helped a lady who had a flat battery out on the road in front of school on Tuesday morning. 

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