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Liston Men of the Week 14.04.22

The Liston Man of the Week awards...

Year 7 - Rex Baker – Displaying strong pride in his learning across all subjects, and extending his respect toward others and their learning.  


Year 8 -  Shivesh Chand has been a standout in English this week. Attentive and always willing to share answers. Been on the ball all week.  


Year 9 -  Edward Maf  A much-respected member of 9L by his peers. demonstrated by his actions in class, he consistently shows himself to be an exemplar student behaviourally and effort-wise.


Year 10 -  Orlando Tavalu - being a conscientious worker in English.


Year 11 - Francis Kayembe Nkonko. He found a $10 note in in my class room when he came for L1 Science today period 5 and handed it to me. And the money in the office now. I appreciate his sincerity. 


Year 12 - Robert Covich  is the Liston Man! I just relieved a class for Sabeena and Robert was helping so many of the boys out. Lots of them felt comfortable asking him and he would just up and go and help them as soon as they asked. He also stayed and helped me close the windows without even asking.  


Year 13 - Tukala Logan -  for supporting his peers through challenges.

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