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Liston Men of the Week - 12.08.22

Liston Men of the Week

Year 7 - Milo Becroft-Reid for his willingness to quietly help those around him. A very humble Liston man.

Year 8 - Nate Lord as he is well mannered, engaged, and proactive in class. He is also a fabulous math teacher helping his mates every chance he gets. 

Year 9 - Maximo Weber for outstanding effort in the Enviro group.

Year 10 - Orion Bava-Young. Some boys had scattered chairs in our form class and left a mess. Orion was a good Liston Man and took the initiative to tidy them up when he arrived to form class. 

Year 11 - Francis Kayembe - has been away from school for a considerable time period but has made every effort to catch up on the work missed. He has taken responsibility for his own learning. 

Year 12 - Nicholas Apoligasio for his fantastic, patient work as a reading mentor. 

Year 13 - Fredrick Raju as he was fantastic  with the Year 7 students, really got into the activities and then helped (without being asked to) in TA when it came time to tidy up. He wiped down tables, cleared rubbish and vacuumed the room at the end of the 100 day induction progamme. 

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