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Liston Men of the Week 06.05.22

Liston Man of the Week....

Year 7 = Sione Tupu – A kind, tidy Kiwi, going above and beyond during his break times.  

Year 8 =  Maathulan Senthilkumar– Well behaved , well mannered responsible boy, always ready to learn and helpful as well. 

Year 9 = Anepi Tiro – Supporting junior students during our weekly Lexia programme.

Year 10 = Nathaniel Fale - for engaging enthusiastically in thought-provoking discussions around school bullying, gang-influence in wider society, plus the genuine causes for these.

Year 11 = Andrew Ray - On attending to a student who fell over after school and whilst patching him up in the sickbay, Andrew Ray came in all concerned. He called his mother and asked if she could take the boy home so he didn't have to catch the bus. How thoughtful and caring was he towards his peer.

Year 12 = Jash Prakash - for his service inside and outside of school.

Year 13 = Luke Thompson - He is always helpful, punctual, and polite. He is  a great role model for the younger boys.


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