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Liston Men of the Week

The Liston Man of the Week award - This rewards students for showing Liston Man values, which are * Act responsibly * Walk humbly * Think effectively * Deliver excellence * Serve faithfully.

Year 7 = Samar Dhaliwal for demonstrating an exceptional level of respect for his classmates, teachers and new classroom routines.


Year 8 = Joniah Lo Tam for faithfully challenging himself in all that he did during Year 8 camp. 


Year 9 = Toby Hall for showing leadership and compassion of younger students in teaching them how to put up and take down the Liston flags.  


Year 10 = Ray Mabulay - showing care and diligence to his work and also assisting teachers where possible. 


Year 11 = Corey Scherrer showing humility and helping others in his class. 


Year 12 = Sosafate Vaka'uta for demonstrating Integrity on a daily basis. 


Year 13 = Zaine Chand for his successful Parliamentary Internship with our MP. He showed leadership and represented our school with pride.

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