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Liston Men of The Week 01.04.22

The Liston Man of the Week awards...

Year 7 - Cody Dinglasan 7L: Cody has helped tidy up the classroom at the end of the day after everyone has left for home. 


Year 8 - Khryzlah Sele-Ama – A positive influences on his peers showing enthusiasm and willingness to help others


Year 9 – Milton McDonald for showing initiative and leadership in helping to organise the Year 9 football team.


Year 10 -  Travis Macdowall is always amazing, but was admirable with the year 7 students by supervising an impromptu touch game, and reminding them to be careful with each other’s uniform. The boys clearly respect him and his presence is always positive and a calming influence.


Year 11 -  Johannes Altena is always respectful and conscientious. He takes initiative and displays a strong level of responsibility for his own learning.


Year 12 -  Enzo Stratton-Jones, whose actions of picking up rubbish around the school is inspiring students in his own form class to follow his example.


Year 13 - Sheridan Burmester will be away from school because he is representing New Zealand in BCA U18 world  8ball and 9ball championship in Las Vegas in Week 9 and 10 of this term. 

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