Liston College Garden

Stage 1 of the Liston College Garden, a robust mixed flower and vegetable growing space, has been completed. The garden is blooming. Organic techniques are always used and our Homemade Liston Organic Pest Spray has been very effective. Celery, tomatoes, peas, beans and potatoes have all been harvested this summer and a variety of companion flowers are all thriving. The harvest has been returned to the community.

Stage 2 has been under construction. This involves reclaiming some swampy, clay heavy areas for practical use. A shade and hothouse has been designed and built by the boys. A water recycling system has been installed, mainly with repurposed materials   In this area the boys will generate power with a windmill, develop natural irrigation systems, recycle  - and plant trees. Parent, Mr David Hall has assisted the boys with these designs. A special thanks to Mr Marc Beattie of BJ McCool Contracting Ltd who operated a digger, which made the land reclamation possible.  Thanks parents!

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Our Sponsors

  • Liston College PTFA
  • Waitakere Sport and Recreation
  • Dean Selak Carrying Company Ltd.
  • Mr David Hall
  • Phylogeny
  • Eco Matters
  • Mr Marc Beattie
  • BJ McCool Contracting Ltd
  • Liston College Old Boys’ Society

Special thanks to the guardians of the garden, who have guided the project and put in many days of hard work – Ms Hilary Mather and the boys of the Liston College Enviro Group.

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