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Library News - Term 3, 2022

Graphic Novels

A lot of parents and caregivers think that reading graphic novels, comics and manga is a waste of time. as they are easy to read and do not contribute to reader growth. And readers would be better off reading a ‘real book’, Not so!

In the 1950’s there was a push to align comics with delinquency, (Congressional hearings were even held). Publishers created a Comics Code to make sure that there was respect for authority, no nudity or explicit violence. This led to children’s comics being simple and just ‘for laughs’ - like the old Archie comics.

Times have changed. These days, comics encompass a wide range of reading material, from the Marvel comics through to amazing books like Maus (a Pulitzer Prize winner) and Persopolis (about the Islamic revolution in Iran). 

Comics for students are winning major prizes like the Newbery Prize winner “New Kid” by Jerry Craft. There are biographies, myths and legends, and books on non-fiction topics.

Here’s some of the benefits:

  • Great for struggling readers
  • Gets our reluctant male readers picking up a book
  • A ‘gateway’ to reading novels
  • Excellent for ESOL students
  • New vocab. 53.5 rare or unfamiliar words per 1000 compared to 30.9 in the average children’s book
  • Rich complex plots and narrative structures
  • Great for visual and multiliteracy – the ability to interpret and infer from both image and words combined – very necessary in today's online world
  • Improve inferential thinking
  • Enhances perspectives and introduces new concepts
  • Sometimes we just need to relax and unwind with an ‘easier’ book

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